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Romeo's Dream - EP

With the help of talented producer and engineer Sam Ojalvo, this album is Tonty's love letter to herself during a time when we all needed love.

Far Away - Single

Far Away has a dreamy quality, with a hip-hop frame. The song's lyrics are an honest glimpse at songwriting - at least, for Tonty - and how hard it is to articulate emotions.

La Jefe ft Yung Louie, CoCo Pomme - Single

With its seductive rhythms and raunchy one liners, La Jefe is a good time and a banging anthem. Tonty and her besties bring the bass and take no prisoners. Listen to La Jefe and find out who's the boss.

Kool - Single

This song is nothing but fun. It gives late 80s, early 90s. It gives fun and sparkles and honesty and baddie energy.

Who? - Single

Enter the glittery, bumble gum pink and lavender dream that is "Who?" It's a soft glam, chill, catchy fantasy that is layered with vulnerability and that familiar feeling of wanting to be loved.

Yours - Single

My first solo recorded single - I wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered this track on my own. It's about letting go and letting love stand on its own.  It has a mellow, smooth vibe and lush harmonies.

Askin Bout Me

They say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Tonty says, "You didn't want to be time you get the urge, don't ask about me."

Gasp (Songs written for Stillborne)

Written, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tonty. These songs were originally written for a short series. They are sad, sexy, and sorrowful.

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